The Seychelles Expecting Investors from Turkey

seychelles tourismThe Republic of Seychelles, an island country in Africa, is currently in search of investors in Turkey.

The Seychelles Trade and Investment Minister Pierre Laporte pointing out big opportunities in places like hotels and off shores in the islands said : “We can make a good investment project by joining forces with Turkish companies and creating synergy.”

The Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists (TUSKON) is aiming to increase tendency to Seychelles known for its islands and holiday resorts. In this regard, Pierre Laporte and Investment Manager Sherin Renaud are hosted in the investment forum. In his address Laporte underlined that the Seychelles has become a country of interest to invest in. “We try to carry out activities to encourage the enterprisers by making consensus in 2012. These activities will be increased towards the end of the year.”

TUSKON President Rizanur Meral said the Seychelles provides opportunities with their liberal economies. Stating that activities for the construction of free trade zones in the country has increased in the country, Rizanur Meral continued: “ This region opens the way for hotels, tour operators, off-shore companies and marine and agricultural products as well as petroleum products. At present, Turkey makes 23 billion dollars from tourism. Our firms are quite experienced in this field. Look at Aydeniz Group of Companies General Manager Firat Aydeniz establised a resort in Maldives. We hope Aydeniz and his friends see the opportunities in the Seychelles as well.”

Adding that Africa is one of the important regions for Turkey, Meral indicated “The Seychelles here is an openning gate and a springboard.

At the end of the forum, a partnership agreement has been signed between TUSKON and the Seychelles which has over 115 islands.

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