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Archeological excavations to begin in Adana

29 Ağustos, 2012 | 17:49

New archeological excavations are set to begin on the ancient city of Anavarza — Anazarbus during the times of the Roman Empire — in the southern province of Adana next week.

Associate Professor Murat Durukan from Mersin University’s department of archeology and Adana University for Science and Technology Secretary-General Osman Arık met with Kazım Özgan, the district mayor of Kozan, Adana province, to inform him about the excavations that will be carried out in Anavarza.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has given permission for the dig to commence, while experts from the Adana Archeology Museum and Mersin University’s department of archeology will participate in the digs.

“The ancient city of Anavarza, which is similar to İzmir’s Ephesus, is a magnificent city with a great history,” said Durukan.

Durukan added that one of the two amphitheaters, open-air venues used for entertainment, in Anatolia is located in Anavarza.

Theaters, churches, shrines, waterways, city walls, a tower and mosaics are among the historical remains the experts expect to discover during the excavation.

“People who are going to participate in the digs also aim to contribute to the process which will make the ancient city an important tourism destination like Aspendos, Ephesus and Bergama,” said Durukan.

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